c o n t e m p l a t i v e    g a s t r o n o m y

Savor is a contemplative dining format where participants explore mindfulness through food. 

Guests are introduced to a mindful eating practice for bringing one's attention into the present through savoring their food. For each bite, guests are simply encouraged to look, smell, remember, taste, and feel. This unique method is then used to experience the meal with heightened awareness and consciousness. 

what to expect:

A guide introduces the guests to the origin of the savor practice and leads them through their first course as a guided meditation. In order to allow for greater levels of self-awareness during dining, each course is eaten in silence. Between courses, the guide encourages guests to share out loud and reflect upon what comes up for them. Previous guests have reflected that this practice of savoring and sharing enables a quality of both personal and interpersonal connection unlike anything they have ever experienced in a group dining setting. 

host a savor dining experience:

Savor events have been organized so far in Europe and the United States – in personal homes, churches, retreat centers, and popup dining spaces with groups ranging in size from four to 80+ people. The format has been successful both as a stand-alone event and as a component integrated into a larger program. If you are interested in collaborating on a savor event, contact us:


"As a food journalist who has dined all over the world, it's always a revelation to be introduced to something completely new. Savor is such a rare experience." 
- Christina Barrueta, AZ Culinary Hall of Fame Food Writer of the Year

"A new contemplative dining theme that is part food meditation, all delicious."
- @oldtownfoodfanatic

"Powerful and evocative."
- Bradley D.

"The best dining experience I've had in Arizona"
- Rick M.